Concrete Plan

Concrete plan is another service of Serviz (pun intended). Since we have vast experience of buildings and related problems over their lifecycle, we know that installing floors on wet concrete is one of the biggest if not the biggest cause for interior air problems today. It can cause mould growth under the floor surface or certain adhesives or plasters can react to the moisture and start to emit toxins in the air.

The traditional way to manage this problem is drill-hole measurements. They are problematic, however. This is due to several reasons. First of all, reliability of the result is heavily dependent on the individual conducting the measurement. There are many things that can go wrong, distorting the result. On the other hand, it is expensive and time consuming and entirely reactive.

We were not the first ones to observe those limitations, obviously. There are solutions available today, enabling continuous remote measurement of the RH of concrete. These are fine, but there are still two fundamental problems. Firstly, the information is still available after the fact, and only enables reactive action. If a construction site manager realizes that floors are not as dry as they should be when they plan to start floor installations, he or she is already too late. On the other hand, the sensor might be installed right next to a heater, again distorting the result and resulting in premature declaration of dry concrete and down the line into more serious problems.

This is why we have created a holistic solution, monitoring both the climate in the surrounding space of the concrete which enables a continuous calculation of theoretical drying time. In combination with a reading from a sensor installed in concrete, we can get a reliable understanding of how the concrete is drying. Not only that, but we can tell the site manager well in advance that theyr floors are not going to be dry in planned time, if that is the case. Therefore they will have plenty of time to react by turning up the heat or bringing in some condensers to accelerate the drying process when needed.

Concrete Plan is a service in the final stages of development, and we encourage you to get in touch with us to receive more information!

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