Serviz has developed a comprehensive solution for monitoring silica dust in construction and production sites. It helps manage exposure risk by monitoring and alerting management on suddenly rising levels of respirable silica dust. In addition, it helps adhere to regulatory guidelines by automating reporting of daily average exposure levels.

Construction sites are known to be dusty and if the dust is composed of materials that contain significant amounts of silica, there is reason for concern. Silica is a key component of rock-based materials such as concrete, so silica dust is a concern in most construction sites. Exposure to respirable silica dust can cause serious or fatal respiratory disease. One study showed silicosis deaths in the construction industry are higher than any other industry in the United States.

The challenge with assessing the risk of exposure in construction sites has been the lack of continuous air quality monitoring solutions and related analytics solutions, that can provide a reliable estimate of exposure each workday, and trigger alarms when excessive amounts of dust is detected in the air.

This challenge has now been solved by Serviz. We offer a turnkey solution for continuous and real-time assessment of exposure to silica-dust. The solution includes monitoring hardware, an intelligent radio solution proven to work on construction sites to transmit data to the backend, plus advanced analytics that help a site manager or safety manager easily see the risk levels in each monitoring location at all times.

The analytics solution contains dashboards, which makes it easy to identify potential issues, to drill down to them to look for root causes. The monitors continuously measure the volume of particles of different sizes, which are suspended in the air. Based on this data and the context (ie. which materials are used in construction and how much silica they contain), a clear assessment of exposure to respirable silica dust is presented.

Site managers can also set alarms to be delivered via email or via an API to another system which is used for safety in the worksite. 

To manage something, you need to be able to measure it. With DustSense, you are now able to measure and manage silica dust in construction- and production sites. In addition, all the data is available when the site is completed, making it possible to share with any relevant party such as authorities, employees and suppliers to ensure them that you are running a safe worksite. 

Want to learn more and receive a white-paper to better understand the science behind this topic? Get in touch with our sales team and they will be happy to assist!

Marco Hautakoski

Sales Manager


+358 40 663 2770

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