Expo 2020 Dubai

Serviz is an in co-operation partner of Business Finland, related to the Finnish pavillion at Expo 2020 Dubai. The pavillion itself will demonstrate our solution for building analytics, which enables conversion of a low-tech building into a high-tech intelligent building at a low overall cost.

The pavillion will be instrumented with sensors to measure characteristics of the indoor air with regards to comfort & health as well as the consumption of water and electricity. The data will be analyzed in our cloud solution and then displayed through our web portal and made available through an API to other systems.

Dubai and the broader Middle-East region is a major hub for construction, and there is a large volume of premium real-estate. However, many of those were not built to be intelligent and acknowledging the fact that increased traffic, high temperatures and high humidity provide a challenge to buildings and people residing in them. We are prepared to help developers, building managers and tenants to manage that challenge.

The Expo2020 is the largest exhibition in the world and it is a great opportunity for us to demonstrate our intelligent solutions to the world. Stay tuned for more updates!



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