Building health prognostics

Our homes are worth 150 trillion euro globally, according to real estate advisor Savills. In many developed countries the value of real estate is over 50% of the national wealth. While the construction business is booming thanks to a global megatrend of urbanization, most of us live in buildings that are decades or even centuries old. Ensuring a high quality of new-builds is important. However, it is even more important for our health and well-being to ensure that the buildings stay in a safe & healthy condition and are properly maintained throughout their life-cycle.

Buildings can be hazardous to our health in two principal ways; by presenting physical dangers that can cause accidents such as fires, falling or electric shocks and by emitting hazardous compounds or particles in the air we breathe. Preventing physical dangers to people can be established by proper inspections in the construction process and when modifying structures, but hazards through air develop over a longer period of time by different mechanisms which are much harder to recognize.

Multiple sensors and tests are available to monitor air quality and the different particles and compounds in it that could be hazardous to us humans. There are even ways to monitor VOC, particles, Co2 etc. in real time. However, these are reactive means. These measurements only tell us something is wrong, when something already is wrong. We wanted to find proactive means to identify when a building is at risk of developing moulds and funghi that could emit toxins and therefore put our health at risk.

The good news is, we succeeded. A scientifically proven method is now available to detect material specific conditions for mould and funghi growth in real-time. This allows us to deliver a building health prognostics service to our clients, ensuring they can rest assured everything is ok when this is the case, and that professional help is available when something is about to go wrong.

We are now rolling this out in a limited, soft launch in Finland and once proven road-worthy, we intend to go global with our Serviz!

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