We have a team of 10+ employees, strengthened by a group of freelance construction engineers that provide services to our clients. Her you will find the contact details of the key staff that can assist you in whatever you would like to learn about us.

Jarno Hovi


Jarno is the founder and CEO of Serviz.

Email me:

Juha Heinämäki


Juha is the lead expert in construction and building health and is responsible for the engineering services operations.

Email me:

Marco Hautakoski

Sales Manager

Corporate customers

Marco is responsible for new and existing customers in the corporate sector. If you are a property manager, facilities manager, contractor or investor, please get in touch with Marco.

Email me:

Eveliina Kauppinen

Customer Happiness Manager

Eveliina is responsible for the happiness of our consumer customers and manages administrative processes.

Email me:

Joonas Järvenpää

Backend developer

Full-stack developer with passion for analytics.

Janne Kytölä

Front-end developer

Janne is responsible for what you see when you access our online systems

Want to work with us?

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