HumiSense Mobile App

The HumiSense mobile app is an important part of the HumiSense-solution. It increases efficiency and reduces human errors when documenting readings at construction sites. The mobile app is available free of charge for iOS and Android devices.

Enterprise-users can login with their HumiSense user id and have access to the building information and predefined measurement tasks. On completion of documenting measurement results, a report can be created with a single click to share the results to the appropriate stakeholders. 

Even if your business does not have an enterprise -contract for HumiSense, you can still use the HumiSense mobile app as a standalone solution. You will need to add all measurement tasks manually in the app, will not be able to edit the report before sharing and you will receive the report as a pdf in your email, from where you will need to forward it to others. Nevertheless, documenting and reporting humidity testing becomes a breeze, compared to taking hand-written notes and compiling them into reports manually.

Documenting readingsYesYes
Automated reportingYesYes
Multiple usersYes
Manage building informationYes
Manage tester calibrationsYes
Create and manage measurement tasksYes
Customize reportsYes
Ambient condition monitoringYes
Predictive analytics for concrete humidityYes
API (building information, measurement results etc.)Yes
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