HumiSense is the most advanced solution for managing and measuring ambient conditions in construction sites. It consists of two main elements, that can be used together or independently.

Predictive analytics of concrete humidity

The basis for HumiSense is the proprietary and intelligent ambient condition monitoring and analytics solution, which includes remote temperature and humidity monitoring of different areas within the construction site. This data is put in context by entering information of the water/cement ratio, thickness and type of concrete structure. Based on the context and data of ambient condition, a continuously updated %RH value and prediction is calculated for each area.

This theoretical %RH can significantly reduce or completely eliminate the need to do traditional measurements of concrete humidity. Not only that, but the prediction can help take action early enough to ensure that the required %RH is reached in schedule.

HumiSense mobile application

The other part of HumiSense is the mobile application, which enables systematic planning of humidity testing as well as significantly reduces the time required to document measuring results. The process starts with planning of the measurements, which are shown in the mobile application for the engineer who is responsible for their execution.

The mobile application makes it easy to document drilling times, automatically calculates equilibration time, allows reading of sensor information by the camera of the mobile device and automatically generates a report when the work is completed.

The mobile application and the analytics solution work in tandem. The theoretical %RH is shown in the mobile application and the engineer conducting the measurement can compare the result to the theoretical value. If there is a large deviation, it is possible to redo the measurement or document the reason for such deviation.

Better decisions based on better data

With the HumiSense solution, the contractor can ensure proper conditions at the construction site to ensure drying of concrete in schedule. In addition, the efficient documentation process ensures that all data is efficiently stored in a database format. This enables the use of the data in various dashboards as well as flexible reporting.

When conducting both long term monitoring and analytics as well as traditional concrete humidity tests, it is possible to reach a level of confidence in the measuring results unlike ever before.

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Marco Hautakoski

Sales Manager

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