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Indoor air quality is an essential part of healthy indoor environments. Too often indoor air quality is not where it should be, in terms of comfort and health. Serviz offers a solution to monitor and manage indoor environments to ensure you, your staff and your customers spend time in healthy indoor environments.

You cannot manage what you cannot measure. Therefore a key element of the Serviz indoor air quality solution is the monitoring hardware. We offer fully portable hardware that can be easily placed in the monitoring location and which don´t need to be connected to any local internet connection or even power. The sensor devices operate for years on batteries and send data using long-range IoT networks, which cover most urban areas of the world. Implementation is easy and fast.

Data is transferred to the Serviz cloud platform which is the heart of the solution. The cloud platform continuously runs analytics on the incoming data while putting it in context. Occupants can see the current status using a QR-code or link, without installing any apps or creating a user id. Data is shown in a format which is very easy to understand.

Occupants can easily provide feedback if they feel something is wrong with the environment. Feedback is registered and put in context with the measured values at the time. This allows for analytics of the user experience in a highly intelligent way.

indoor air quality monitoring

More detailed analysis are available for Serviz engineers as well as for customer facilities management. This analysis includes insights, that can be implemented to improve air quality.

Finally, when a good quality indoor environment is a reality, long term monitoring provides evidence of it. This can be demonstrated with a certificate that can be issued on a monthly or annual basis, helping communication towards your customers, staff and other important stakeholders.

The standard indoor air quality monitoring solution monitors temperature, humidity, Co2, TVOC (Total Volatile Organic Compounds) and PM1, PM 2.5 as well as PM10 (microparticles). This data is transmitted to the cloud platform every 30-60 minutes and processed into a comfort index and health index. This simplifies the complexity from a user perspective; no need to be an expert in indoor environments to be able to understand the air quality. 

All of the sensors we use are developed and manufactured by companies leading in their fields. The devices are calibrated and of industrial quality. 

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