Mold is an issue in most parts of the world, in different ways. Mold is a micro-organism that needs similar conditions to live as us humans. They need a certain temperature, some organic material to feed on, oxygen and water. Since buildings are meant to be habitable places for us, they very easily become habitable places for mold, too. There will always be suitable temperatures, organic material or dust and oxygen available in buildings. The key ingredient we can safely remove is water. 

In any case, mold and other micro-organisms are almost everywhere. This is good, so all other forms of life depends on their existence and wellbeing. However, in certain conditions aggressive and toxic types of mold can breed and colonise large parts of the building, emitting toxins in the air that will be harmful for human beings. 

For this to happen, it takes time and a sufficient amount of humidity. When humidity decreases or temperatures sink, mold colonies stop growing and ultimately shrinking. However, when conditions again become favorable, they continue to grow. 

Since the key factors (time, temperature and humidity) are easy to measure, it becomes possible to measure mold growth, too. It may not be easy to measure through these proxies, but it is possible. Scientists in Germany, Sweden and Finland have put in years of work into understanding how to model mold growth as a function of time, humidity and temperature in different building materials. 

At Serviz, we have built a live and connected solution to implement this science into any building, in an affordable solution. Our solution includes hardware and an intelligent radio solution to transmit sensor data to the backend, the analytics engine which processes the incoming data into a simplified mold index, as well as dashboards and alerts that make it easy to monitor even a large implementation in one view.

The sensors can be implemented in crawl spaces, inside structures, indoors, in warehouses, staircases and technical areas. Typically they are installed in places where it is hard or impossible for humans to see. This way we can model what is happening in hidden areas of the building. 

If you are interested, get in touch and we will be happy to help!

Marco Hautakoski

Sales Manager

+358 40 663 2770

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