As a developer or builder, you know you have the responsibility for delivering healthy and safe buildings, no matter what purpose they are made for. We know you are under pressure to meet schedules and budgets, so we wanted to provide tools to be more efficient without compromising health & safety. Below are some solutions we have implemented in various construction projects:


Sokos Hotel Vaakuna is one of the most iconic buildings located in the middle of downtown Helsinki. Extensive renovation of the hotel rooms in higher floors was conducted in 2020, to repair damages from damp and mold.

To ensure such damages could be identified and repaired early in the future, we engineered a solution that includes monitoring of temperature, humidity and volatile organic compounds. Data is transferred to our analytics cloud, which enables us to raise the flag early to building management, if it seems that problems are developing.

The scope of delivery included project engineering, installation of sensors and radio network, continuous data transmission and analytics as well as user training.


Kulttuurimajakka is a 10-storey tall residential building, made of concrete. Thick floor slabs and underground walls are very slow to dry, which presents a scheduling challenge in such a project. It is of utmost importance to manage the indoor humidity and temperature conditions throughout the construction phase to ensure surface installation can be started on schedule. 

Our HumiSense solution was implemented with over 60 sensors, generating a continuously updated forecast of concrete structural humidity development as well as advice to site management regarding conditions management. In addition, we conduct repetitive drill-hole measurements that are required to make the ultimate decision on surface installation. 

Dust monitoring in a renovation project

Sokos operates the second largest department store in downtown Helsinki. With renovation ongoing in parts of the department store, the contractor and department store wanted to ensure proper operation of dust control measures they have taken. Dust presents health issues to staff and customers, but also a major risk toward products as clothing & other items might be permanently ruined if exposed to construction dust. 

Serviz engineered a solution that continuously monitors the level of airborne dust particles (PM 10 and PM2.5) throughout the department store and in the construction areas, to ensure documentation of dust levels as well as to raise alarms if problems arise. In addition, the solution includes continuous measurement of pressure delta between the construction areas and the department store. This allows for immediate intervention if the pressurization systems fail. 

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