The global asphalt paving industry uses appr. 1600 million tonnes of asphalt every year, to pave public roads and private areas. Public investments in highway, street and bridge construction total €80 billion every year in Europe and €55 billion in the United States. 

Large volumes and investments mean that even small percentages are significant. Therefore it is of utmost importance for the contractor and their client to know exactly how much asphalt is laid where. 

RoadProof is a solution developed by Serviz, that enables precision road construction. RoadProof documents the exact volume of asphalt delivered to the worksite as well as where it was applied, by measuring the width and depth of the pavement with geolocation information.

  1. Setup a worksite
  2. Collect data from equipment
  3. Analytics and reporting
  4. Work-order line items assigned to worksites
  5. Reporting to stakeholders

The Serviz solution includes custom hardware and software required to complete the process outlined above. Data is collected from milling machines (planers), pavers, transport trucks as well as from fences and traffic signs. Harvesting data from all of these machines enables a holistic documentation of all key aspects of the worksite. 

If you would like to learn more, please get in touch with our sales team directly or use the form below.

Marco Hautakoski

Sales Manager

+358 40 663 2770

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