Better construction

As a developer or builder, you know you have the responsibility for delivering healthy and safe buildings, no matter what purpose they are made for. We know you are under pressure to meet schedules and budgets, so we wanted to provide tools to be more efficient without compromising health & safety. 

We offer a unique solution to monitor and control the climatic conditions in the construction site and in structures. When building with concrete, large amounts of water are required and trapped in concrete. It takes weeks and months for this water to evaporate from deep within, to ensure levels that are sufficiently low to avoid issues related to damp & mould. 

Depending on where you build, you might also need to ensure that water from rainfall or other sources like leaks are not left in structures when surface layers are installed. If this is neglected, a damp or mould issue could start developing inside the structures, compromising the health of the tenants over the lifecycle. 

Combining sensors with IoT capabilities and analytics developed in the scientific community we are able to provide insights into what risks may be developing inside structures. Furthermore, we are able to provide actionable recommendations to humans or equipment to manage the drying process in an energy efficient way. 


Identification of potential risks and means to avoid them.


Continuous monitoring and prediction of conditions inside the construction site and within structures.


Take action to mitigate mould & damp risk by heating and/or drying. 

Let’s build it better together.

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