Serviz Sense and Congrid

Serviz and Congrid have joined forces in developing an interface that enables the two systems used by construction companies to exchange information.

Congrid is a solution that has enabled numerous construction companies introduce significant improvements in their QHSE processes. Serviz Sense -solutions on the other hand help construction companies manage and document ambient conditions in worksites.

The exchange of information through the API starts by importing the hierarchical structure of spaces of the building. Using a common structure, all information linked to any space can then be exchanged later on during the project. It also makes it faster and easier to deploy Serviz Sense where Congrid is already deployed.

Any observations, whether created by users or sensors in the Serviz Sense -solution can be exported to Congrid, where they will be clearly visible to users and enter the most appropriate existing process to manage deviations.

Both companies strive to help builders build healthier buildings of higher quality. By collaborating, leveraging benefits of both solutions becomes easier for clients. These new features are just a start, so stay tuned for further updates!

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