Start with Indoor air quality monitoring – 3 Steps!

Indoor air quality is not just nice to know information. Continuous monitoring of the indoor air quality assures healthy indoor conditions for working, living and playing. Most of us spend 90% of our time indoors, the air we breathe influence our health.

In real estate management, using real-time monitoring, building manager can take necessary measures to improve the indoor air quality.

indoor air quality monitoring

Healthier buildings and improved indoor air quality improves not only the long-term health, but also the occupants current mood and motivation. Right oxygen and humidity levels improve our work performance.

For a real-estate investor, guaranteed healthy indoor air quality through continuous real-time measurement can be a significant competitive advantage.

How to get started with indoor air monitoring?

Step 1. Contact us with a brief description on your building and requirement or need.

Step 2. If we are able to provide you with what you require, we send you for example a set of three (3) sensors for testing and credentials for our cloud monitoring and reporting system.

Step 3. The Sensors are placed as agreed, and you start your testing period.

After a three months testing period, you will understand the full benefits of the system, and we can start monitoring indoor air in all your buildings.

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