Serviz Oy

Serviz was founded on the idea of ensuring all of us could live in buildings that are not harmful to our health or safety. Unfortunately, in both developing and developed countries this is too often not the case.

We started with the idea of remotely monitoring conditions within structures and within the building to continuously analyze the risk of structural damage, leaks, or hazards in the indoor air (such as microparticles, VOCĀ“s & Co2). We combine data from such sensors with decades worth of science to understand the impact and risk to health.

Our ambition is to offer an opportunity for anyone developing or managing a building to efficiently measure and manage the heating, cooling and ventilation of the building to minimise energy needs, to minimise hazards in the indoor air and to minimise the risk of mould growth or other structural problems.

In addition to building managers, we enable construction companies to deliver better buildings with solutions targeted to the construction process.

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