Serviz Oy

Serviz was founded on the idea of ensuring all of us could live in buildings that are not harmful to our health or safety. Unfortunately, in both developing and developed countries this is too often not the case. We started with the idea of affordable but high quality inspections and condition assessments of residential buildings, built on digitalization of the entire process.

This enabled us to take a good chunk of the market in the Helsinki region and we continue to build on expanding that nationally and internationally since it is a cornerstone in our offering and we have some more aces in our pockets to take this even further.

In addition to a one-time inspection, we wanted to find ways to combine our experience in condition monitoring in other industries with our knowledge of the construction and maintenance industry related to residential buildings. By combining these two servizes, we will have a scalable model that can be rolled out internationally once we prove it road-worthy in our home markets in Finland.

If you are interested in joining our journey in one way or another, please drop us a note!

Our main customer portal in Finland is:

If you want to get in touch, please do so using this form!

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